Sunday, March 18, 2012


Channel 1 New's Dave Taylor on duty at the parade.
 March 18, 2012

 Once again Bridge Park's Irish keep the celebration going with an after St. Patrick's Day parade. "It separates the true Irish celebrators  from the wannabes and it helps clear out the bars from last night." quipped Johnny McGuzzler, a long time Bridge Park resident and parade organizer.  Dave Taylor was on hand after judging the all night beer drinking contest at O'hurls Irish Pub & Fish Stick Emporium on Barf Ave.  "Nothing is better than an after Saint Patrick's Day parade," said Taylor, "especially after a night of beer drinking and eating fish sticks!"
The parade started just after 10 A.M. this morning, thirty minutes after the bars closed.  Many patrons moved out to the curbs and gutters along the parade route and sang Irish songs while nursing mugs of brew.  Police said the crowd was mostly well behaved, with only one incident that required a "paddy" wagon.  Danny Murphy 34, of Bridge Park, dropped his trousers when someone started singing "Danny Boy".  When he tried to harmonize and was out of key, he was quickly covered and escorted to jail.
Channel 1 News will continue to monitor the parade and hopes to hear from Dave Taylor before week's end.  Last year he disappeared after the parade and was not heard from due to a calendar mix up.
Most Bridge Parkers are already looking forward to next year's After St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Channel 1 News will be there.

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