Monday, March 12, 2012


by Dave Taylor on Monday March 12, 2012

Officals in Bridgepark took a big step towards this years election process by appointing a committee to study the feasabilty of debating the hosting of a Presidentual debate. Illeen Farr, Bridgepark 5th Ward Councilmember, was chosen to head the committee and find a suitable venue to host a debate. Farr told Channel 1 News the first step in the process would be to hold a fund raiser, so that money could be raised to support a task force, to study suitable locations for a prime time debate between presidentual cantidates.
"We live in a vibrant city in a vibrant time!" she declared at a news conference last night. "By hosting a Presidentual debate here in Bridgepark, we can show the world how vibrant we really are! Tonight is one small step for Bridgepark and one giant leap for politics. This will put us on the map!" she concluded, to jubilant applause from her family.  To help raise funds she proposed a bake sale and a car wash.
So now it begins and Channel 1 News will be here right up to election day.
Councilmember Illeen Farr gets a hug from her husband Ben and his brother Bobby, after last nights news conference.

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