Monday, March 26, 2012


Hollywood casting director, Marlene Squirl will be in Bridgepark tomorrow searching for a talented individual to replace Ben Stiller, in the upcoming movie The Burning Bush.  Stiller dropped out at the last minute due to a non burn clause in his contract.  Hollywood insiders are saying this movie, set to be released on Easter may be in jeopardy if a replacement actor can't be found to play the roll of the Burning Bush.
"It's only a one day shoot for this part and the actor chosen will not need to learn any lines." Ms. Squirl told Channel 1 News.  "The scene is the one on the mountain where Moses, played by Sir Anthony Hopkins, finds and speaks to the burning bush.  The actor chosen for the part will be in a bush like suit and be lit on fire as the cameras roll.  The actor will be required to make burning bush like spasmodic movements and noises.  A voice will be dubbed in, as if the bush is speaking to Moses."   Ms. Squirl went on to say, the person cast for this part can expect a lot of heat, but will also get to shine.
Anyone interested in trying out for this part, is to bring a one page resume' and a sack lunch to the Bridgepark Hotel, Suite 22, between the hours of 11 A.M. and 7 P.M.

Moses and the Burning Bush

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