Thursday, March 22, 2012


By Dave Taylor  March 22, 2012

Half Marathon runner Patsy Sass takes a wrong turn.
The winner of the St. Patrick's Day Half Marathon lost her winner's title this morning, when judges discovered she ran the wrong half of the Marathon.  Patsy Sass, 34 of Bridgepark, entered the annual Bridgepark St. Patrick's Day Half Marathon on a dare from friends.  After winning the Bun Run last Summer, she was a favorite to win the half marathon.
Ricky Dickfitter declare winner!
Half Marathon judge, Pat Droolen made the announcement after watching a video replay of the event.  "She clearly ran the wrong half", Droolen said with a sullen face.  "She started off in the right direction, but took a wrong turn at Bender's Fork."  When contacted by Channel1 News, Sass admitted to running the wrong half of the half marathon.  "I should have known which half to run," she said. "I had a 50-50 chance of getting it right and blew it!"  Second place finisher Ricky Dickfitter, 78 of  Humtown, was declared winner and will receive  the first place trophy and $30. "I feel bad for the young lady, but when you run a half marathon, you have to run the right half."  Channel 1 News reports on all sporting events in the Bridgepark area.

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