Friday, March 9, 2012


It's after hours and I find myself alone in the Channel 1 News office. The office is closed, but as you and I know, the news never stops. One particular story coming over the news wire at this hour caught my attention.
"Woman Finds Her Lost Virginity" Flo Dhown, 40 of Bridge Park, Minnesota found her long lost virginity on Ebay. While visiting the site on Friday night she discovered the listing and after further investigation learned it was posted by a former high school sweetheart. "I just couldn't believe it!" Dhown exclaimed. "I could bid .99 cents and take a chance of winning the highest bid or use the "buy it now" tab for $10. All I could think about was surprising my husband with it, for his birthday!"
An exited Flo Dhown bids on her lost virginity.

"Winning this could be a real game changer!" she told the Donkeytown Reader News. "I don't remember what night I lost my virginity, but I know it was during football season in my senior year of high school. I was voted the team's most popular cheer leader!"
Dhown is currently a parking meter reader in Donkeytown and plans a surprise party for her husband of three weeks, if she wins the auction.
With heartwarming stories like this on the newswire, I for one, am glad to be in this profession. Dave Taylor, Channel 1 News.


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