Monday, March 12, 2012


by Dave Taylor, Channel 1 News
Rollo Fogle as he gets ready to count calories on his pc while on a diet soda diet.
Jared's (of Subway fame) brother, Rollo is now staking his claim to fame by attemting to join Jared in losing weight. For the next six weeks he'll be living on diet soda. Raised on a potato farm out side of Bridgepark, Rollo grew up eating potatos by the bushel and even contemplated changing his name to Spud. But after seeing his brother Jared literly melt away while eating nothing but sub sandwiches, he knew he had to do something on his own to shed some of his 400 pounds. "Jared is getting all the chicks!" he was quoted as saying. It was after devouring a tub of french fries he came upon the idea of a diet soda binge. "Hey, it says diet right on the lable." he said holding up a Diet Coke, "Why didn't I see this before?"
Rollo has the support of his brother Jared who promised to include Rollo on a double date once Rollo can fit into his car.
Channel 1 News will keep you updated.

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