Friday, March 9, 2012


by Dave Taylor on Monday, March 5, 2012 at 12:03pm ·

Bridgebang police Detective Hyden Siek addressing the news media this morning, promised swift resolve to the mysterious death of Darya Tulook, 27 in Bridge Park’s Rowdy Park Area. Ms. Tulook was last seen alive only hours before her dead body was found in a car registered to her dentist.
“Sometime happened between the time she was last seen alive and her body was found lifeless, in the vehicle” Siek told reporters, “and we’re going to find out what it was.” Ms. Tulook moved to Bridge Park last Summer after losing her bid to win on reality TV's "Stayin' Alive", where contestants put themselves in harms way for a movie contract.
Detective Hyden Siek "I'm a good detective. I've got ribbons and medals to prove it!

"We know the victim was alive earlier in the day and we're going on the assumption that something caused her life to end." Detective Siek explained. When asked by Channel 1 Newsman Dave Taylor if the detective suspected foul play, Siek replied, "At this time, nothing is being ruled out, except maybe accute indigestion. We just want the residents of the Rowdy Park area to stay locked in their homes and not venture out. Other than that, there is nothing to fear."
This is the first mysterious death in Bridge Park this year. Channel 1 News will continue to monitor this story.

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