Sunday, April 1, 2012


Bridgepark April Fools Day Parade
By Dave Taylor, Channel 1 News

After weeks of planning, today's April Fools Day Parade will take place on the streets and in the alleys of Bridgepark. Floats and farm machinery are being strategically placed in order to allow parade geeks the best possible parade to view. Parade promoter and long time Bridgepark resident, Justin Between was all smiles early this morning after learning that both Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny will get to share the same float. It was learned last week that Santa Claus had an allergy to eggs and that due to contractual language, the Easter Bunny could not be seen in public without Easter eggs. Thanks to the diligent effort of Patty Wacker, a professional consultant on such issues, a solution was negotiated that appeased all parties concerned. Details of the solution were unavailable at this printing.
As in past years, the April Fools Day parade will bring out the "Who's Who" of Bridgepark. Newly elected Mayor of Bridgepark, Pat McGroin will be on hand, riding in the last float along with his current and former wife, Tilly and Touchie. The women are sisters and both know the Mayor well. Other notables are Willy Bark, winner of this year's Sponge Bob look-a-like contest, and Shirley U. Dew, the former Miss Eye Candy.
Parade officials also promise fourteen high school marching bands, twenty assorted farm tractors, and the Famous Pretzel Brothers acrobat team, who promise to put a new twist into their act.
Parade promoter, Between also promised that unlike last year, the parade will be held as promised. Last year you may recall, the parade was nothing more than a April Fools Day joke and was not held, causing riots and looting.Channel 1 News will be there either way.

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