Saturday, April 14, 2012


By Dave Taylor
With another weekend here, one can realize how quickly the year 2012 is progressing. Channel 1 News took a look at the City calendar and noted some of the high lights of the upcoming events and festivities slated for our fair city.
The end of June brings the always fun and exciting Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator contest to Bridgepark. Last years winner, Otto Parker promised to "be back" this year.
Parker, as you will remember beat out the other contestants with his uncanny voice impersonations.  His best line to the judges was, "Comon ahssholes, don't make me tuern yu upside down an bounce yu like a ruba bawl!"  He was also a favorite at the local watering holes, where he yodled for drinks and held his breath until turning blue.

Last year's Arnold winner, Otto
Parker, shown here telling the press
"I'll be back!"
August will thrust Bridgepark into the national spotlight while hosting the Simples Party Presidental Convention.  Simple candidate Normel Ornot, hopes to clinch his parties endorsement before then, but he is up against Lucy Buns, who is as simple as her party gets.  Just one week after this convention ends, the new Kiss Party will then hold their convention in Bridgepark.  Channel 1 News will be very busy covering these stories.

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