Saturday, April 21, 2012


Dave Taylor holding the prize.
"I plan to put a light in this baby
 so it shines on everyone!"
From the news wire.
 The Channel 1 News team learned Thursday it had won a prestigious news reporting award for reporting news other news sources failed to report. News anchor Dave Taylor attended a gala event last night at the Bridgeport Casino Hotel, where he was presented with the  paper award and a two foot tall crystal ball trophy.  Taylor, who has a gift for speaking his mind, was caught off guard and stumbled for words in his acceptance speech.  He quickly regained his composure and told the audience of his peers, "It's, it's heavier than I thought it would be."  After a round of applause he continued, "I've never held a crystal trophy this big. This trophy prepresents our clear vision in this cluttered world.  We see things others don't. I humbly accept this for everyone at Channel 1 News, the reporters, camera operator, janitor, night watchman, and the lunch room lady.  I plan to put a light bulb in this baby, so it shines on everyone!"

Channel 1 News Staff in undated photo
Taylor was still all smiles this morning after a night of hooting, hollering, and backslapping at the award ceremony.  He arrived at the office and was met by a joyous staff.  He promptly declared  Monday would be a holiday for everyone except himself.  Taylor never takes a day off.  Channel 1 News hopes to continue bringing you the news you'll not find elsewhere and welcomes your comments.

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