Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Peter Cottontail upon learning of the missing eggs.
The Bridgeport annual Easter Egg Hunt is in jeopardy this year and Peter Cottontail the Easter Bunny,  is pissed, to put in mildly. The colored eggs came up missing from their storage basket at the Easter Basket Cafe, on East Bunny Trail. EB Cafe proprietor, Red Fox told Channel 1 News, "I'm dumbfounded, all the eggs were in one basket and now their gone! My wife warned me about keeping the eggs in one basket and I didn't listen." Peter Cottontail who owns and hides the eggs each year, was beside himself upon learning of the missing eggs. "I can't believe the eggs are missing, this really pisses me off! Now the real hunt begins!"
The missing Easter eggs.
As for the children of Bridgeport, Saturday was to be the big day. The eggs were to be hidden in and around KFC Park. Mayor Pat McGroin promises the eggs will be found in time for the hunt to go off as planned. "The city police are professionals and have been hunting Easter eggs their whole lives, it should be an easy case to crack." he said. "Their chances of finding the eggs are a dozen to one. If not, Plan B will be put in place." When asked what plan B was, he would not comment. Meanwhile Mr. Cottontail was becoming more outraged by the hour. "My livelihood is in jeopardy!" he ranted. "First I had to dodge open hunting season, and now this!"
The eggs are various colors, oblong, and have been hard boiled. If you find them, you are asked to call the Bridgepark Police station or the Easter Basket Cafe. A free breakfast buffet is being offered to the person finding the eggs as well as an autographed egg from Humpty Dumpty. Channel 1 News will keep you updated.

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