Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Elvis Pretzel?
A Dave Taylor Exclusive....

Mavis Dozett, 67 of Bridgepark claims to have found a likeness of Elvis in a bag of pretzels she purchased at Pormart. Dozett's daughter, Betty, 47 told Channel 1 News her mother was watching T.V. and munching on the pretzels when she felt the bag move.
"She gave out a scream and dropped the pound bag on the floor." Ms. Dozett went on to explain, "I came into the room and Mom was white as a ghost." I asked her what happened and she said, "There's something in my pretzels!" We picked up the bag and peeked in and it was Elvis in the shape of a pretzel grinning out at us!
The elder Doszett reached in and lifted the twisted likeness out of the bag and placed it on the coffee table. "It was almost hot to the touch" she said. "We quickly got a camera and took a picture because we knew that no one would believe us." She went on to tell Channel 1 News, "Everything went to hell after that. Buddy, our old hound dog came into the room and before we could stop him, ate the pretzel!
Mavis and Betty Dozett spent the rest of the day going through the pretzels looking for another likeness, without any luck. "At least we have the picture!" they said in unison.
Old Buddy "Nothin' but a Hound Dog"
This is the forth time Elvis has been sighted in or around Bridge Park, but the first time he's been in a bag of pretzels.  Channel 1 News will keep you updated.

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