Monday, April 16, 2012


By Dave Taylor
On Saturday an old man and his four sons set out to have a quite dinner party and discuss family matters and world affairs.  These five guys from Bridge Park, soon realized their destiny was not about nibbling on burgers and pizza or about discussing the comfort of boxer shorts vs briefs.  No one was sure what set things in motion, perhaps it was the mention of workers layed off at a brewery that caused a sobering and immediate call to duty.  The five put on their game faces and with the welcome help of three friends of one of the sons, began an assault on the sagging economy!
They marched out of the eatery, each determined to do his part, knowing the pain they would feel come Sunday morning.  The important thing was to focus on brewery workers and their need to work.  The agenda was set, go from bar to bar and club to club, downing as much cold beer as possible.  Even the youngest of the sons, who does not normally drink beer, did his part and drank through gritted teeth.
The crowds grew as the evening progressed, yet these eight soldiers of good fortune, drank and howled, drank and laughed, drank and danced.  It was one for all and all for one more! 

The battle was intense and for a time called for
extreme measures, as shown here. 
One wonders where time goes in times like these.  Before long the bars forced the battle to end, sending these combatants into the streets.  With voices nearly gone and bellies full of beer, these battle weary marauders for economic justice, stumbled out into a rainy night, knowing they had survived what they called "Man Night"!  As they stumbled to find taxi cabs to take them away from the battlefield, each knew that someone far off would get the call to come back to work.  
Channel 1 News learned that as a result of the brave actions of these men, as many as two breweries were able to restart a 3rd shift and call numerous people back to work.  Mission accomplished!
Channel 1 News finds comfort in being able to report heartwarming stories like this one and will continue to search for others like it.

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