Thursday, April 5, 2012


Sewer Snipe
By Dave Taylor

Bridgepark public works director, Peter Waxer reported finding a giant snipe stuck in the main sewer line under City Hall.  After fielding complaints for two weeks of a bad smell coming from City Hall, Waxer decided to investigate.
On Wednesday a city plumber donned special sewer diving gear and flushed himself down into the city sewer system.  Lead Plumber, Lester Gunk took the photo shown at right of the giant snipe.  It was his first encounter with a live snipe and found it to be lodged in the pipe directly below the council chambers.  Efforts to free the snipe were unsuccessful and permission to destroy the giant snipe will be needed, as the snipe is on the endangered and protected species list. Mayor Ben Dover is out of town on a monkey buying trip and not unavailable to request the permission needed to destroy the snipe.  City Councilperson, Justa Teaser told Channel 1 News the Mayor has been contacted and as soon as he is finished with his monkey business, he will fly home to take care of the problem at hand.
In the mean time city visitors to City Hall will have to put up with the smell.

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