Friday, April 13, 2012


By Dave Taylor

Sucha Luzer left, on his first visit to the strip club.
 "All I could smell was glue!" he exclaimed.
A Bridge Park man filed suit today against the Woodpeckers Strip Club located on Lower Boom St.  Sucha Luzer, 54 brought the suit against the business when he learned he had joined a home improvement club and not a "gentleman's club".  Attempts to retrieve his initial club dues failed, sparking the law suit.
Betty Wood, club president found the incident humorous.  "We run a wood shop here with emphasis on stripping hard wood.  It sounds like Mr. Luzer was looking for hard wood in a different manner."  According to Hard Wood Delites, a magazine for carpenters and wood workers, patrons pay a $50 up front fee for club membership at Woodpeckers and learn stripping tips from expert wood strippers.  Luzer said he was led to believe, by joining he would get hands on, up close attention.  Nothing was said that he would be working with wood.  To make matters worse, he is allergic to wood glue.  

Club president, Betty Wood
gets ready to strip a plank.
The club has been operating since 1999 and was highlighted in the book, Knothole Strategies for Beginners, as well as having a location at Buzzes Strip Mall in uptown Bridge Park. 
The case will come to trial this summer. Luzer told Channel 1 News, "All I want is my money back and I'll get it, knock on wood!"
Channel 1 News will be there from gavel to gavel.

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