Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Richard Slick before
taking BS2, was feeling old,
tired, and bored.

After taking BS2, Slick's face
took on a new glow and claimed
his wife and her sister fought
over him.
Channel 1 News has learned of a medical breakthrough that will not only change the way you feel, but change the way you look.  Doctor Gowid Daflo of the Bridgeport Special Hospital of Hope met with the news media just after 6 P.M. today to announce his new breakthrough in recreational drugs.  Called Bright Spectrum 2 or BS2 by hospital candy stripers, this powerful new drug works in just minutes.  
Volunteer Richard Slick, 45 of Bridgeport was admitted to BSHH Tuesday evening, feeling old, tired, and bored. After a short exam and breakfast, he was given a double dose of BS2 shortly before noon today and by 3 P.M. staffers noted a dramatic change in his appearance and demeanor.
"I feel like a new man!" he exclaimed. "I almost feel perfect."  A simple blood test confirmed he was the same person DNA wise.  Within an hour he was hired to star in the soap opera Passion Cowboys.  Dr. Daflo told Channel 1 News, he was unsure how long the effects would last and that he also worried about the plastic texture of the skin on the subject.  He warned Mr. Slick to stay out of the hot sun and away from heat lamps.
Channel 1 News will update you in the coming weeks.

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