Sunday, April 8, 2012


Big Joe and Lady M
By Dave Taylor
It's Easter Sunday and with all the festivities and significance of today, I am reminded of a week ago when I and the Channel 1 News team were in Karaoke Heaven. What began as a road assignment to investigate road rage, ended belting out "It's Only Rock and Roll" at the karaoke mike, in a small, cat fish serving VFW club in Bettendorf.
With the promise of a back stage pass, my assistant and I being as incognito as possible, arrived at the club just after 6:30 P.M. We were allowed to sit at the table right next to the Karaoke Kingpin, Big Joe and his lovely wife, Lady M. They were dining on what looked like Mississippi caught cat fish and discussing final details for the impending show. As I sat there in awe, Big Joe turned to me and smiled. Right then and there I knew I was in Karaoke heaven and in the presence of it's creator. I realized what Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers must have felt like when they entered the Triple Rock Baptist Church and Jake saw the light. Big Joe extended his hand and gave me a wink. He knew who I was and yet allowed me to keep my anonymity. It was a religious experince.
We chatted like relatives who had not seen each other in years until the faithful began pouring in. I soon was rubbing shoulders with others who like me, had come to "see the light" and sing on or off key, into the night. As Big Joe and Lady M took center stage and got the show rolling, preformers like Danny and Stan brought the house down, singing notes I could only dream of hitting. You can only imagine how I felt when I was asked to join them. My conversion to Karaoke was completed when I met and conversed with young ladies like Cathy, Rosalie, and Angie, who had also come to celebrate the night. It was a fantastic night of Karaoke.
Big Joe, DT, Dan, and Stan at center stage.

I sang until the wee hours (which for me is about 11 p.m.) and then departed. I had a deadline to meet and with me it's always business before pleasure. I am however a changed person and will forever remember my night in Big Joe's Karaoke Heaven.

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