Monday, April 9, 2012


By Dave Taylor
Dr. Yard Dart, "Think less, be more!"

Have you been thinking to yourself lately?  Do you find yourself thinking about important topics when you should be day dreaming?  Are you using your brain to solve problems at work in stead of joining in on office antics with your co-workers?  Have you been spending spare time thinking of ways to improve your family life?  If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be what some experts call "a deep thinker".  "It's nothing to be ashamed of", says Dr. Yard Dart, an advocate of  Thinkers Anonymous.  "Thinking can be controlled.  Many who suffer from, what I call deep thinking, can be made thoughtless, by using our program."
Dr. Dart, at a luncheon yesterday told Channel 1 News, "Thinkers Anonymous is a simple 3 step program that can help thinkers rein in their thoughts without the use of drugs or hypnosis."

Dr. Dart, while lounging around the City Hotel swimming pool yesterday, talked freely of the new Thinkers Anonymous Chapter with Channel 1 News. "Concentration and deep thinking can happen anywhere.  Signs to watch for are those with the T.V. turned off, with their heads and eyes focused downward or those reading the newspaper.  As thinking progresses, they may be found visiting a library and/or reading a book.  It's a surefire way to alienate yourself from your co-workers or the general public. Thanks to Thinkers Anonymous, I was able to "come out" and be myself again."
After a quick game of water darts with two  bikini clad young ladies, he continued.  "Now where was I?  Oh yes, Thinkers Anonymous.  The chapter here in Bridgepark will open this week and I encourage anyone reading this who may wonder if they have a problem, to come to a meeting.  What have you got to lose?  Learn to relax all over again, I promise you'll  be thoughtless in no time!"

The Bridgepark chapter will hold meetings in the old lard factory on 9th Street, on Tuesday night anytime after 7 P.M.  Channel 1 News will be there.

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