Saturday, April 7, 2012


By Dave Taylor
Weekends in Bridgepark are always special with the various concerts, art shows, and sporting events taking place.  This weekend finds Bridgepark in the spotlight again, thanks to a group of Jello enthusiast holding a "Jello Fest" in the Dessert Room at the Moonbeam Motel.  According to group spokesman, R. U. Num, this year's Fest is focused on various recipes incorporating items, that can be added to Jello to enhance this "desert extraordinaire!" 
 Connoisseurs at last year's Jello Fest
Jello connoisseurs and novices alike began dishing up their entries for the judges early this morning. Entrys encluded Lima beans in Lime Jello, sweet pickle chips in Lemon Jello, Pearl onions in Strawberry Jello, and a surprise enty, Jello Pancakes.  Although these recipes may distant some gelatin lovers, fest goers were salivating.
The doors opened just after 8 A.M. with the children's musical group The Wiggles playing in the backround.  Fest goers filed in, eyeballing the Jello treats waiting for them on long rows of tables.  Channel 1 News anchor, Dave Taylor was MC for the event, he is an avid Jello fan and is working the event pro-bono.  Over a thousand fest goers are expected to attend and with the Dessert Room at the Moonbeam Motel only rated to accommodate 800 guests, seating has been arranged in the parking area outside.  A jumbo screen will show the outdoor "festers" the proceedings as they happen inside.
With the over 40 new entries this year most connoisseurs agree, this year's winning entry will be the Spaghetti Jello, shown here being "inhaled" by Judge Willie Burp. "It's so flavorful, I couldn't put it down", Judge Burp told Channel 1 News, "It tastes just like chicken, yet wiggles!" 
First prize money will be awarded tonight at a banquet in the Grand Hall of the Motel.  The winning Jello will be served for dessert.  Left overs will be auctioned off.  Channel 1 News will be there.

Spaghetti Jello, "It tastes just like chicken,
and you can eat it with a fork"!

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