Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Neil Downe can't believe
his good fortune
By Dave Taylor
Neil Downe, 27, of Bridge Park had the surprise of a lifetime this morning while riding the city metro bus to work. Fellow bus riders say Down began to wheeze and soon was coughing uncontrollably. In the next instant he coughed up two dimes and a nickle. His eyes grew wide in disbelief as he looked at the coins in his hand. "You won't believe this, but last night I swallowed a quarter!" he told fellow passengers. He then coughed again and coughed up a hand full of coins. He was grinning from ear to ear when the bus driver named him Passenger of the Day and gave him an all day pass, good for any day except Sunday.
Channel 1 News learned that Down plans to cut back on his work schedule and concentrate more on the change that has come into his life. No one knows how or why he is coughing up change, but Down says he plans to fill up a piggy bank before swallowing a $5 bill. "Who knows" he said, "$5 might get me $10." He told reporters he is also getting lots of notes and letters from young ladies everywhere.  He said he may even leave his parents home and get his own apartment.
Channel 1 News will follow this story. You can count on it.

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