Saturday, May 19, 2012


Benz Gon has been missing for six
weeks.  This photo was submitted by
his wife in hopes he will see it and
come home.
 Family members of Benz Gon, 65, of Bridge Park alerted authorities yesterday to his disappearance.  Gon's wife, Bettes contacted Channel 1 News earlier in the week for help in locating her missing husband.  "Benz started acting strange in March", she told Dave Taylor.  "After eating a bean burrito supper, he began looking at the moon quite a bit and then a couple of days later he told me he had to find it and left.  I'm not sure what 'it' is."  He had no history of gazing at the moon or searching for things.
Mrs. Gon went on to say she and Gon had been married for six months and had met at a church breakfast where rare bird eggs were being served.  "He reminded me of a rare bird" she said, "so I sat next to him and I invited him to my 'nest'.  We were married a week later."  Mrs. Gon's sister, Ruth Less also became close to Gon. "You couldn't ask for a better brother-in-law" she said.  "He had those far away eyes, you know what I mean? He was here, but always looking out there."  She pointed to a spot in the distance.  " I just know my sister is lost without him."
Bettes Gon is asking for help in locating
her husband, Benz Gon.
Channel 1 News is asking anyone knowing of the where abouts of Mr. Gon, to please let someone know.  No reward has been posted as of yet.

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