Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Lipp Locke fell into a vat of kielbasa at Kielbasa Kingdom
By Dave Taylor
Lipp Locke 30, of Bridge Park survived a harrowing mishap yesterday after taking a 20 ft. plunge into a giant vat of kielbasa sausages.  Locke and his mother, Laura were taking the noon tour at  Kielbasa Kingdom, a packing house on Penn Ave.  Locke, on his mother's dare, was crossing the narrow catwalk above the vat of fresh jumbo kielbasa, when he fell.
"I was falling head first and managed to do a mid air somersault to land feet first," he told Channel 1 News.  "I sunk up to my chin in the fresh sausage links!"
Workers quickly lowered a rope ladder into the pit and Locke was able to free his hands and grab hold of the ladder. He was pulled to freedom as his mother looked on.  They were both ushered into lunch room where they were allowed to gather their rattled nerves before being served a free kielbasa lunch, complete with saurkraut and beer.
Plant workers said signs are posted through out the plant about the dangers of walking above the kielbasa pit.  After today's incident, the signs will also be printed in English, the plant manager told Channel 1 News.  Locke and his mother finished lunch before canceling their afternoon plans to take a blindfold tour of a Bridge Park purfume plant.  "It wouldn't work," Mrs. Locke explained, "Junior here smells like a giant Polish sausage, he's all I can smell!"

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