Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 Dante's Diners Emporium, Bridge Park's premier restaurant, was the target of the newly formed Food Police, in a late night raid last evening.  Acting on a tip from an upset diner, the Food Police moved in and found Dante's was serving what looked like ham, roast beef, and turkey.  Closer inspection revealed the items were actually fish sticks that had been made to look like the more expensive items.
This plate of ham turned out to be minced
and re-formed fish sticks.  The bone was
a plastic toy.
The patron, who had alerted the FP and asked to remain anonymous told Channel 1 News, she ordered the ham special and noticed a fishy taste right away.  Her husband, Tubby Ruber, 47, also of Bride Park had ordered a rack of ribs.  They too turned out to be barbecued fish sticks. 
As the Food Police entered Dante's kitchen, chefs and kitchen personnel were caught stuffing fish sticks into the pockets of their uniforms, to hide them from the FP.  Dante's owner, Nick Licter said they will be forced to close while they regroup.  He also called Channel 1 News to apologize to their patrons.
"I'm truly sorry for this," he said.  "I blame it on the Internet.  One of my chefs learned how to make ice cream out of fish sticks and one thing lead to another."
This rack of ribs turned out to be fish sticks
smothered in barbecue sauce.  Even the
french fries and the wine were fish sticks.
Dante's hopes to re-open by the Fourth of July and feature breakfasts of fish sticks and eggs. 
Channel 1 News will follow this story and keep you posted.

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