Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Last week OFF THE WALL NEWS reported about the city's municipal pool being closed for cleaning and maintenance during the swimming season and the city's worse heat wave since last summer.  As promised by Mayor Ben Dover, the pool was ordered refilled and to be open by June 25.  Maintenance workers began filling the pool almost immediately, making note that the water pressure was low due to a faulty pressure valve at the water works.  By Monday evening the swimming pool was ankle deep in the shallow end of the pool.  According to pool assistant manager Becky Licter, the pool holds about 25000 gallons of water when full.  After looking at the pool late Monday afternoon, she told OFF THE WALL NEWS. "We've got a ways to go yet to get this baby filled." 
Calls to pool manager Johnny Deep went unanswered, as OFF THE WALL NEWS learned he had been receiving death threats for closing the pool during a heat wave.
Swimmers couldn't wait for the pool to
fill up before getting wet. "This is almost
awesome!" one swimmer yelled.
Life guard and diving
 instructor Masha Melo hissed
at the shallow water.
With the 8 foot deep pool barely a foot deep with water, anxious swimmers couldn't wait to begin cooling off in the tepid water. In the mostly excited crowd, there were many jeers mixed in with the cheers.  Marsha Melo, a life guard and Bridge Park diving instructor hissed with displeasure as she surveyed the swallow water. Melo, who survived a broken neck diving into the wrong end of the pool last year told OFF THE WALL NEWS, "This is making my neck ache all over again!"
City officials hoped to have the pool completely filled by the 4th of July.  "If all goes well, the life guards will be called back to work by the end of this week." City Water Commissioner Brandon Thurst grinned.  "Life is good here in Bridgeport!"
OFF THE WALL NEWS will continue to keep you updated on this hot topic!

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