Thursday, June 28, 2012


Doctors at the Bridge Park Hospital of Hope met this morning to discuss a patient's addiction to Canary Seed. Canary Seed is the main engredient in a placebo used in place of a pharmaceutical drug for treating impotence.  The patient, whose name was not released due to privacy issues, is undergoing supervised withdrawal treatment in the addicts wing located in the Never Give In Clinic on the fifth floor of the hospital.  The patients spouse, Mrs. Roland Shook spoke with Channel 1 News about her husband's addiction to the placebo.
In this photo, the patient is fighting
birds for their bird seed as his addiction
takes over.
"I'm glad we discovered the addiction when we did" she said.  "Roland began treatment for his problem in February and signed up to be part of a clinical trail for the testing of a new impotence drug  called,  Pecordozalotarizen.  We didn't know it at the time, but he was put on a placebo instead of the drug.  It turned out that it got the best of him."   When asked to elaborate, she continued.  "By the middle of March, Roland was spending a lot of time out by the bird feeder.  I noticed soon after that we were going through an enormous amount of bird feed and the wild birds were becoming owly.  In mid May Roland began whistling almost constantly and when I found bird seed in his sport coat, I knew somethng was up.  He confessed to me on June 10 that he was consuming not only his pills, but all the bird seed he could get his hands on.  That's when I called the clinic."
Doctors hope to have the patient "clean" by July 4th.  A study will be done to see why he became addicted to a placebo and hopefully doctors will learn what happened and steps will be taken so this dosen't happen to someone else.
Channel 1 News will report any new developments to this story.

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