Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Bridge Park Municipal Pool is closed
for cleaning & maintenance.
The Bridge Park Municipal Swimming Pool is closed for cleaning and maintenance this month causing many irate phone calls to come into City Hall. With Bridge Park in the middle of a record breaking heat wave, some citizens are questioning the timing of the closed pool. An angry mob gathered outside the entrance to the pool just before noon and demanded to talk with pool manager, Johnny Deep.
Deep who was at dance lessons, was unable to address the crowd of sweaty would be swimmers and they began chanting R rated slogans while holding up a picture of the absent manager. Assistant manager Becky Lipsync tried appeasing the crowd with free soft beverage coupons, good when the pool reopens. She was pelted with pop cycle sticks before taking cover inside a phone booth. She later told Channel 1 News "The reason for the pool closure is because swimming pool paint is less expensive in the summer months. It's all about the budget."
Irate would be swimmers gathered at
the municipal pool this morning,
demanding to get wet!
Mayor Ben Dover promised to get the pool open by June 25th even if the pool is not fully filled with water. "It will be close, but we should see folks getting wet enough to cool off" he told Channel 1 News. He then left on a business trip to LasVegas and was unavailable for further comment. Channel 1 News will monitor this news worthy story and report any updates.

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