Monday, June 18, 2012


Professor Otto Pilot holds an ice cream
cone for six hours without it melting.
Scientists at the Bridge Park Center for Food Studies have created the worlds first meltless ice cream.  "Now you can enjoy a big swirly without getting sticky fingers!" boasted Professor Otto Pilot, lead scientist at the Center.  "This is a great advancement for kids who get all sticky eating ice cream!"  Although this ice cream will not be available to the public until next Winter, Professor Pilot told Channel 1 News the wait will be worth it. "We've got ice cream that you can keep on the kitchen shelf or in your car and it won't melt! Never needs to be in the freezer." When asked how this could be possible, he just grinned.
A disguised spokesman, calling himself   
Mr.Y talked freely with Channel 1 News
about the meltless ice cream.
Channel 1 News was able to learn however that testing has been going on for over a year.  An individual from the Center, whom was disguised to hide his identity sat down with Channel 1 News and talked freely.  To protect his identity, he called himself  Mr. Y.  "We started out over a year ago" he began. "Trying to learn what happens to the seeds in seedless watermelon.  We wanted to take it a step further and make a rindless watermelon, but decided to work on the meltless ice cream instead.  We went to work and after a few months of testing we were eating ice cream cones in the hot tub and also in the sauna. Our final test was eating ice cream cones while sun bathing at the beach without getting sticky fingers.  This gave us our name, Sunburst Ice Cream."  He went on to confess,  "It still has an off flavor, like moldy pudding, but we're almost there. The kids will love it I promise, this stuff will make you grin!"
Mr. Y's beeper sounded and he immediately left by a rear door, ending our interview.  Channel 1 News will continue to investigate and hopefully sample this "delight" in the near future.

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