Monday, June 11, 2012


Skyler Bangs 25, of Bridge Park was taken by an emergency crew to Brige Park General Hospital late last evening after receiving a call that Bangs had suffered an acute moon burn. Ms. Bangs had checked into the Ultra Moon Tan Resort, one of Bridge Park's newest specialty retreats, on Saturday in hopes of spending some quality time under the moon.
Skyler Bangs in an undated
photo, shows her moon
tanned legs.
Moon tanning is the rage among 20 somethings this Spring, reversing a decades long love affair with the Sun, and it's burning effects. Bangs was going for the full body moon tan, exposing parts of her skin to the moon for the first time. "This could have been a deadly decision" said Dr. Mel Practus. "No one knows for sure just how much moon we can take." Bang's had even hired a tanning coach, who disappeared after calling the paramedics. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Ben Blisterd is asked to call the Bridge Park Hot Line at 555-SUN-BURN. He is wanted for questioning about his knowledge of the moon and it's tanning rays.
Channel 1 News will follow this story until the next new moon.

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