Monday, July 30, 2012


Exclusive report by Dave Taylor
With the 2012 Olympics now in full swing, Channel 1 News is working overtime to keep you, the news starved public, informed.  To do this, I your eyes and ears at the Olympics, will forgo sleep to get you the news that will feed your need to know.  The following story was brought to my attention late last night.

The most popular cereal at the Games.
In an effort to appease the worlds athletes in the Olympic Village, the British Olympic committee has made breakfast time, the most exciting time of the day.  Leave it to our friends in the UK to use such a novel approach. A new breakfast cereal called Royal Crunch is being served at all 240 breakfast kiosks in the village.  It is packaged in individual serve boxes, each displaying a picture of a previous English King or Queen.  The village athletes are clamoring for this cereal and Channel 1 News wanted to know why.  As it turns out, the reason is what may be in the box other than the crunchy cereal.  One out of every three boxes contains a small plastic replica of a gold medal, increasing the odds of getting "A Gold Medal" at the Olympics. It is relieving much stress throughout village, making the games more enjoyable for all.

Channel 1 News will continue to uncover more stories like this one in the coming days. Enjoy your day.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hoping to cash in on the success of the 2012 Olympics currently underway in London, Bridge Park Mayor Ben Dover called a special city council meeting Saturday night.  As Dave Taylor is in London, Channel 1 News reporter Ilene Ova filed this report.
According to the Mayor, the Olympics always has more non winners than winners and the Mayor hopes to work that to the advantage of our fair city.  In his vision, Bridge Park would host what would be billed as the  2012 Olympics II, where all the non medal winners would compete in their chosen fields to win prizes and gifts donated by area merchants.  The "games" would be held at the City Athletic Field with an opening and closing ceremony akin to what is taking place in London at present.  In addition, he suggested building a huge bonfire out by the lake, to mimic the Olympic torch.
Due to City Hall being closed for floor waxing this weekend, the special council meeting was called to order just after 9 P.M. last evening, in the party room at Maxine's Pub on 4th St.  All council members were present and each enjoyed a beverage as Mayor Dover explained his vision.
An agreement is reached as council
members discuss holding an Olympics II
The Mayor gave a rousing presentation, detailing how Bridge Park would benefit with the sudden flood of  athletes, news media, and spectators, explaining how the increased restaurant and hotel business alone would increase tenfold.  "We'll turn our city into a Mecca!" he could be heard shouting from the closed room.  The council members got caught up in the excitement and a plan was hatched just after midnight, with discussions going on into the early morning hours.  If plans can be finalized by Tuesday, Mayor Dover hopes to make an announcement to the press to generate awareness and excitement to the world.  "We'd even invite the Queen over here to be Grand Marshal in a parade!" Dover added. 
City Council member Pat Downs told Channel 1 News, "Mayor Dover may not be the best mayor we've ever had, but he can take the grandest jubilee and make it a common event."  Channel 1 News will continue to follow this story.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


After the opening ceremonies the Germans
hosted a surprise brat feed with beer and all.
Last evening's 2012 Olympic opening ceremony created quite a bit of excitement around the world as more than one billion people watched on TV. By the end of the ceremony, it had caused quite a bit of hunger also, as witnessed by Channel 1 News. No sooner had the television coverage ended, when the German delegation brought in a semi load of homeland cured bratwurst. Hungry Olympians lined up with sharpened sticks in hand to take turns roasting brats over the giant lighted Olympic Torch. Soon a second truck pulled up, filled with chilled German beer. Before long the singing started and new friends were made. The Olympics got off to a good start. Channel 1 News were there until the wee hours and will continue to bring you the behind the scenes stories. 

New friends tipped a few before curfew.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Dave Taylor takes the torch the last 50
feet before handing it off to officials.
Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor made news himself in London Friday, as he carried the Olympic torch the last 50 feet up to the giant cauldron.  In a rare display of unemotional emotion, he winked  and gave the Queen a thumbs up as he passed the royal viewing stand and a cheering crowd.  Channel 1 News cameraman, Dugg Deap tweeted that Dave's lip was quivering, but he held his emotions in check even as the Bulgarian Trapeze team threw kisses his way.  "I haven't felt this good since I learned to tie my shoes," Taylor said afterwards,  "I'll remember this moment for weeks."  Taylor and a small group of cameramen from Channel 1 News, left Bridge Park Thursday to cover the 2012 games.  For a while the trip was in jeopardy when the front office mistakenly booked passage on a cruise ship instead of getting airline tickets.  The ship would not have arrived in London until the games were ending.  Bridge Park Private Air Service learned of the mix up and offered to fly Dave and crew, ending an office panic.
Taylor learned he would be carrying the torch after his name was selected from a group of influential news anchors from around the world.  His story last year about teaching the late Michael Jackson to moon walk, catapulted him into the national news reporters spotlight.
A Who's Who of celebs.
Dave plans to report many events over the course of the games. News you won't get anywhere else.  Get ready to get the full story here at Channel 1 News.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Bridge Park's street crew line up for this
picture taken for the  insurance company.
In an effort to increase summer tourism in Bridge Park, the city council met last night, in a special session.  After what Mayor Ben Dover called a "serious brain banging session",  the council chose to listen to an idea by city employee, Betser Off, to get the snow plows out and have "an old fashioned snow plow rodeo".  After some intense discussion, the council recessed for happy hour across the street at Duke's Tap.  Upon returning to the council chambers in a lighter mood, they voted unanimously on the idea and a committee was formed to get the ball rolling.
Morale at the city shed rose by 150% according to a poll taken by Channel 1 News, when employees learned of the upcoming competition. "We hate getting called out in the cold Winter months," said employee Betser Off,  "but this will be so cool, cool get it? Not cold." he added with a grin.
This was the initial course drawn up by
city planner, Imone Topper 
A course will be set up in the city lot near the Fair Grounds, and the event will be held sometime in August.  A planned contest course is being drawn up by the city planner and local ice companies are busy making extra ice for the two day contest.
Advertisement for this super event will be out soon.  Until then Channel 1 News will have the exclusive information about this event. (Rumor has it, that Santa Claus will make a surprise visit to start the "games".)

Friday, July 20, 2012


In an odd set of circumstances, Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor has been mistaken for Santa Claus.  Earlier this week a person claiming to be Santa, launched an Internet campaign to announce his intentions to make himself available for  "Santa visits" this holiday season.  Not to promote this business endeavor, Channel 1 News will only say, this gentleman has references and will be available for Christmas parties and in-home visits, for a nominal fee.
This picture was posted with the
"Santa Visits" campaign in his
face book profile page.
Someone seeing the posted picture of Santa Claus made a remark that the man in the picture looked like or resembled Dave Taylor.  This started a rash of calls to the Channel 1 News office, causing Dave to hide out in his office.  Although he was not offended in any way, it brought back memories of previous mistaken identity situations in which he was forced to prove his true identity.  Readers who follow Dave Taylor, will recall these incidents.  The first one was in the 1980s when Dave was mistaken for Elvis and was mobbed by the Dallas Cheerleaders in a Bridge Park Mall.  He suffered a scratched face and bruises about his buttocks.  Then in the mid 90's at the Bridge Park Airport, he was mistakenly thought to be Michael Jackson. As he waited for a flight, being a fan of Michael's, he was practicing doing the moon walk and was attacked by autograph seekers.  He barely made it onto a waiting plane.  He was also pegged as Bill Clinton during the last presidential campaign and rushed by angry relatives of Monica Lewinsky.  His body guard was able to get him out of their grasps and his true identity was once again proven to those involved.
Dave Taylor in a file photo. "I
guess I just got a face that causes
people to get confused."
With this latest identity mistake, Dave told Channel 1 News, "I guess I just got a face that causes people to get confused.  I'm honored though to be mistaken as Santa Claus, my first thought was ho, ho, ho!"  Dave wishes the man behind the white beard the best of luck and encourages people to visit his face book page for ways to contact him.  Channel 1 News will follow this story for future developments.

Friday, July 13, 2012


For the first time in Bridgeport history a large group of citizens have formed a committee to seek the removal of a sitting Mayor.  The committee, called F. U. for  "Fed Up" is seeking a recall vote to coincide with this fall's presidential elections.
Sidewalk toll meters, like this one are to be
installed every 50 feet on  Bridge Park sidewalks.
What sparked the forming of this committee and its irate behavior is the recent city tax imposed by Mayor Ben Dover and the city council.  As first reported by Channel 1 News two days ago, Mayor Dover oversaw the passage of a 2.5% city tax on all sales withing the city limits, as well as a toll on all roads.  The straw that broke the camels back however was the toll placed on anyone walking about town.  Toll collection meters are to be placed every 50 feet on all sidewalks.  Much like parking meters, the walking meters take nickles, dimes, quarters, and newly added swipe slots for debit/credit cards.  Citizens will also have the option to punch in a code number to have the toll fee added to their water bill.  Code numbers may be purchased in advance on the city's Craigslist site. 
Mayor Dover defended using the toll meters for walkers by telling Channel 1 News, "This sort of tax will only cost you if you are out walking.  Even then, someone walking from one end of down town to the other, would only have to shell out $18.47.  If you wish to not pay the tax, stay home." 
These statements made from a public podium in front of City Hall, caused an uproar of disapproval from an angry crowd who began throwing rotten fruit towards the Mayor.  Police were called in and the crowd was dispersed.
Oyah Moore, center addresses
citizens at a recall the mayor meeting.
"I smell a rat!"
F.U. committee spokeswoman and former city council member, Oyah Moore called for citizens everywhere to come together to protest the Mayor and his new tax.  "This tax is a result of the Mayor and three of his council members wanting to go to the Bahamas this Winter under the pretense of business!  Well I know what kind of business their planning!"  When asked to elaborate, she made a gesture bending her arms upwards and using her hands to scratch her armpits, "Monkey business! We need to get this guy out of office!" 

It should be noted however, Moore was an avid supporter of the Mayor up in till she learned she would not be making the Bahama trip with the Mayor and other council members.  Last Winter you may recall, she accompanied the Mayor on a month long fact finding mission to Hawaii.
Channel 1 News will continue to follow this story as it progresses.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The Bridge Park City Council voted last night to enact a new 2.5% city tax effective immediately. The tax will be collected on all sales within the city limits, as well as in the form of walking and driving tolls. This news was met with verbal and physical outrage.
Angry citizens take to the streets after
learning of the new city tax.

Mayor Ben Dover had the tie breaking vote, siding with the tax initiative. He spoke to Channel 1 News under the condition he could retract his statements later. "No one wants to have to pay more taxes." he said with a sober look on his face. "But if I am to lead a delegation to the Bahamas this Winter, the city needs to strengthen its coffers."
When pressed for details on this matter, he continued. "Studies have shown that the Bahama Islands may hold the key to the future of Bridge Park. Two businesses in Bridge Park are producing products that may very well be just what people in the Bahamas want and need. One of these two businesses wishes to remain anonymous. The other is Olly's Suntan Oil Factory. If we can open up the Bahama market, it will be a boon for not only Olly's, but all of Bridge Park!"
City Council members Kate Wants,
Suzy Will, and Nina Does will accompany
the Mayor on this important trip.
The delegation, made up of Mayor Dover and three of the city council members, hopes to arrive in Nassau in time for the New Years celebration.  The envoy will visit many different  Bahama islands talking with dignitaries in each location. The Mayor hopes to have the business concluded in two weeks, but as he put it, "We'll stay as long as it takes to hammer out a deal."  As for the city tax, it will end on April 1st. of next year.
In an update, Channel 1 News learned the second business the Mayor spoke of is Thongs and Things, a swim wear factory outlet uptown.
Channel 1 News will follow this story to its conclusion.