Friday, July 13, 2012


For the first time in Bridgeport history a large group of citizens have formed a committee to seek the removal of a sitting Mayor.  The committee, called F. U. for  "Fed Up" is seeking a recall vote to coincide with this fall's presidential elections.
Sidewalk toll meters, like this one are to be
installed every 50 feet on  Bridge Park sidewalks.
What sparked the forming of this committee and its irate behavior is the recent city tax imposed by Mayor Ben Dover and the city council.  As first reported by Channel 1 News two days ago, Mayor Dover oversaw the passage of a 2.5% city tax on all sales withing the city limits, as well as a toll on all roads.  The straw that broke the camels back however was the toll placed on anyone walking about town.  Toll collection meters are to be placed every 50 feet on all sidewalks.  Much like parking meters, the walking meters take nickles, dimes, quarters, and newly added swipe slots for debit/credit cards.  Citizens will also have the option to punch in a code number to have the toll fee added to their water bill.  Code numbers may be purchased in advance on the city's Craigslist site. 
Mayor Dover defended using the toll meters for walkers by telling Channel 1 News, "This sort of tax will only cost you if you are out walking.  Even then, someone walking from one end of down town to the other, would only have to shell out $18.47.  If you wish to not pay the tax, stay home." 
These statements made from a public podium in front of City Hall, caused an uproar of disapproval from an angry crowd who began throwing rotten fruit towards the Mayor.  Police were called in and the crowd was dispersed.
Oyah Moore, center addresses
citizens at a recall the mayor meeting.
"I smell a rat!"
F.U. committee spokeswoman and former city council member, Oyah Moore called for citizens everywhere to come together to protest the Mayor and his new tax.  "This tax is a result of the Mayor and three of his council members wanting to go to the Bahamas this Winter under the pretense of business!  Well I know what kind of business their planning!"  When asked to elaborate, she made a gesture bending her arms upwards and using her hands to scratch her armpits, "Monkey business! We need to get this guy out of office!" 

It should be noted however, Moore was an avid supporter of the Mayor up in till she learned she would not be making the Bahama trip with the Mayor and other council members.  Last Winter you may recall, she accompanied the Mayor on a month long fact finding mission to Hawaii.
Channel 1 News will continue to follow this story as it progresses.

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