Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The Bridge Park City Council voted last night to enact a new 2.5% city tax effective immediately. The tax will be collected on all sales within the city limits, as well as in the form of walking and driving tolls. This news was met with verbal and physical outrage.
Angry citizens take to the streets after
learning of the new city tax.

Mayor Ben Dover had the tie breaking vote, siding with the tax initiative. He spoke to Channel 1 News under the condition he could retract his statements later. "No one wants to have to pay more taxes." he said with a sober look on his face. "But if I am to lead a delegation to the Bahamas this Winter, the city needs to strengthen its coffers."
When pressed for details on this matter, he continued. "Studies have shown that the Bahama Islands may hold the key to the future of Bridge Park. Two businesses in Bridge Park are producing products that may very well be just what people in the Bahamas want and need. One of these two businesses wishes to remain anonymous. The other is Olly's Suntan Oil Factory. If we can open up the Bahama market, it will be a boon for not only Olly's, but all of Bridge Park!"
City Council members Kate Wants,
Suzy Will, and Nina Does will accompany
the Mayor on this important trip.
The delegation, made up of Mayor Dover and three of the city council members, hopes to arrive in Nassau in time for the New Years celebration.  The envoy will visit many different  Bahama islands talking with dignitaries in each location. The Mayor hopes to have the business concluded in two weeks, but as he put it, "We'll stay as long as it takes to hammer out a deal."  As for the city tax, it will end on April 1st. of next year.
In an update, Channel 1 News learned the second business the Mayor spoke of is Thongs and Things, a swim wear factory outlet uptown.
Channel 1 News will follow this story to its conclusion.

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