Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hoping to cash in on the success of the 2012 Olympics currently underway in London, Bridge Park Mayor Ben Dover called a special city council meeting Saturday night.  As Dave Taylor is in London, Channel 1 News reporter Ilene Ova filed this report.
According to the Mayor, the Olympics always has more non winners than winners and the Mayor hopes to work that to the advantage of our fair city.  In his vision, Bridge Park would host what would be billed as the  2012 Olympics II, where all the non medal winners would compete in their chosen fields to win prizes and gifts donated by area merchants.  The "games" would be held at the City Athletic Field with an opening and closing ceremony akin to what is taking place in London at present.  In addition, he suggested building a huge bonfire out by the lake, to mimic the Olympic torch.
Due to City Hall being closed for floor waxing this weekend, the special council meeting was called to order just after 9 P.M. last evening, in the party room at Maxine's Pub on 4th St.  All council members were present and each enjoyed a beverage as Mayor Dover explained his vision.
An agreement is reached as council
members discuss holding an Olympics II
The Mayor gave a rousing presentation, detailing how Bridge Park would benefit with the sudden flood of  athletes, news media, and spectators, explaining how the increased restaurant and hotel business alone would increase tenfold.  "We'll turn our city into a Mecca!" he could be heard shouting from the closed room.  The council members got caught up in the excitement and a plan was hatched just after midnight, with discussions going on into the early morning hours.  If plans can be finalized by Tuesday, Mayor Dover hopes to make an announcement to the press to generate awareness and excitement to the world.  "We'd even invite the Queen over here to be Grand Marshal in a parade!" Dover added. 
City Council member Pat Downs told Channel 1 News, "Mayor Dover may not be the best mayor we've ever had, but he can take the grandest jubilee and make it a common event."  Channel 1 News will continue to follow this story.

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