Thursday, July 26, 2012


Bridge Park's street crew line up for this
picture taken for the  insurance company.
In an effort to increase summer tourism in Bridge Park, the city council met last night, in a special session.  After what Mayor Ben Dover called a "serious brain banging session",  the council chose to listen to an idea by city employee, Betser Off, to get the snow plows out and have "an old fashioned snow plow rodeo".  After some intense discussion, the council recessed for happy hour across the street at Duke's Tap.  Upon returning to the council chambers in a lighter mood, they voted unanimously on the idea and a committee was formed to get the ball rolling.
Morale at the city shed rose by 150% according to a poll taken by Channel 1 News, when employees learned of the upcoming competition. "We hate getting called out in the cold Winter months," said employee Betser Off,  "but this will be so cool, cool get it? Not cold." he added with a grin.
This was the initial course drawn up by
city planner, Imone Topper 
A course will be set up in the city lot near the Fair Grounds, and the event will be held sometime in August.  A planned contest course is being drawn up by the city planner and local ice companies are busy making extra ice for the two day contest.
Advertisement for this super event will be out soon.  Until then Channel 1 News will have the exclusive information about this event. (Rumor has it, that Santa Claus will make a surprise visit to start the "games".)

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