Friday, July 20, 2012


In an odd set of circumstances, Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor has been mistaken for Santa Claus.  Earlier this week a person claiming to be Santa, launched an Internet campaign to announce his intentions to make himself available for  "Santa visits" this holiday season.  Not to promote this business endeavor, Channel 1 News will only say, this gentleman has references and will be available for Christmas parties and in-home visits, for a nominal fee.
This picture was posted with the
"Santa Visits" campaign in his
face book profile page.
Someone seeing the posted picture of Santa Claus made a remark that the man in the picture looked like or resembled Dave Taylor.  This started a rash of calls to the Channel 1 News office, causing Dave to hide out in his office.  Although he was not offended in any way, it brought back memories of previous mistaken identity situations in which he was forced to prove his true identity.  Readers who follow Dave Taylor, will recall these incidents.  The first one was in the 1980s when Dave was mistaken for Elvis and was mobbed by the Dallas Cheerleaders in a Bridge Park Mall.  He suffered a scratched face and bruises about his buttocks.  Then in the mid 90's at the Bridge Park Airport, he was mistakenly thought to be Michael Jackson. As he waited for a flight, being a fan of Michael's, he was practicing doing the moon walk and was attacked by autograph seekers.  He barely made it onto a waiting plane.  He was also pegged as Bill Clinton during the last presidential campaign and rushed by angry relatives of Monica Lewinsky.  His body guard was able to get him out of their grasps and his true identity was once again proven to those involved.
Dave Taylor in a file photo. "I
guess I just got a face that causes
people to get confused."
With this latest identity mistake, Dave told Channel 1 News, "I guess I just got a face that causes people to get confused.  I'm honored though to be mistaken as Santa Claus, my first thought was ho, ho, ho!"  Dave wishes the man behind the white beard the best of luck and encourages people to visit his face book page for ways to contact him.  Channel 1 News will follow this story for future developments.

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