Monday, July 30, 2012


Exclusive report by Dave Taylor
With the 2012 Olympics now in full swing, Channel 1 News is working overtime to keep you, the news starved public, informed.  To do this, I your eyes and ears at the Olympics, will forgo sleep to get you the news that will feed your need to know.  The following story was brought to my attention late last night.

The most popular cereal at the Games.
In an effort to appease the worlds athletes in the Olympic Village, the British Olympic committee has made breakfast time, the most exciting time of the day.  Leave it to our friends in the UK to use such a novel approach. A new breakfast cereal called Royal Crunch is being served at all 240 breakfast kiosks in the village.  It is packaged in individual serve boxes, each displaying a picture of a previous English King or Queen.  The village athletes are clamoring for this cereal and Channel 1 News wanted to know why.  As it turns out, the reason is what may be in the box other than the crunchy cereal.  One out of every three boxes contains a small plastic replica of a gold medal, increasing the odds of getting "A Gold Medal" at the Olympics. It is relieving much stress throughout village, making the games more enjoyable for all.

Channel 1 News will continue to uncover more stories like this one in the coming days. Enjoy your day.

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