Friday, July 27, 2012


Dave Taylor takes the torch the last 50
feet before handing it off to officials.
Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor made news himself in London Friday, as he carried the Olympic torch the last 50 feet up to the giant cauldron.  In a rare display of unemotional emotion, he winked  and gave the Queen a thumbs up as he passed the royal viewing stand and a cheering crowd.  Channel 1 News cameraman, Dugg Deap tweeted that Dave's lip was quivering, but he held his emotions in check even as the Bulgarian Trapeze team threw kisses his way.  "I haven't felt this good since I learned to tie my shoes," Taylor said afterwards,  "I'll remember this moment for weeks."  Taylor and a small group of cameramen from Channel 1 News, left Bridge Park Thursday to cover the 2012 games.  For a while the trip was in jeopardy when the front office mistakenly booked passage on a cruise ship instead of getting airline tickets.  The ship would not have arrived in London until the games were ending.  Bridge Park Private Air Service learned of the mix up and offered to fly Dave and crew, ending an office panic.
Taylor learned he would be carrying the torch after his name was selected from a group of influential news anchors from around the world.  His story last year about teaching the late Michael Jackson to moon walk, catapulted him into the national news reporters spotlight.
A Who's Who of celebs.
Dave plans to report many events over the course of the games. News you won't get anywhere else.  Get ready to get the full story here at Channel 1 News.

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