Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Eager swimmers were given free inner tubes
with a paid admission to the newly reopened pool.
The Bridge Park Municipal Swimming Pool reopened today after being closed for painting since July third.  After near riots erupted in the hottest July on record, the maintenance department under the direct orders of Mayor Ben Dover, applied the fifth and final coat of quick dry pool cement paint on Sunday.  Yesterday was spent filling the pool with recycled water from the water plant. City Maintenance Engineer, Less Fuzzee told Channel 1 News, "It's been a long hot summer and having the pool open will make lots of folks happy, especially the Mayor with the up coming elections and all." 
As an added bonus, free inner tubes were given to each paying customer.  "It's cheaper than hiring a life guard", said the Mayor.  "I'm all about saving the tax payers money!"
The pool will be open daily until September 1, when it will close once more for application of paint sealer.  Until then, the city hopes to keep the pool full of happy swimmers.  Channel 1 News will be on hand to follow this story.

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