Thursday, August 2, 2012


England's Dunny Bumbs takes an opening
slap in Thursday's slap off, from China's
Suzi Sling.  Bumbs got a fat lip and was
declared the loser.
With all the competition being covered at this year's Olympics, sometimes the less popular sports get minimal attention.  One such sport is Slapping and this year a dozen or so countries have slapping contestants hoping to slap their way to the gold!  Channel 1 News managed to talk to some of the athletes between slap offs. Russian born slapper, Bustis Balsoff sat down with Dave Taylor and talked about the sport.
DT:  Mr. Balsoff, how did you get into sports slapping?
BB:  You call me Bustus.  I start young, Papa show me how to slap face. I practice on brother Neko until he run away from home.
DT: This sounds like a violent sport, Bustus. Did your young brother come back home?
BB:  You Americans have, what is it, Football?  That violent, slapping just sting a little. Neko is male ballet dancer now.
DT: Do you think you have a chance at the Gold?
BB:  I think so, yes, but I don't really care.  Just to get in the ring and trade slaps is all I want.  With that his coach motioned for him to get back to the training center.
Bustus Balsoff, reining Russian
Slapping champion.

In the first round China's Suzi Sling had her way with England's Dunny Bumbs, giving him a fat lip in the second round.  The official ruled the contest over and Ms. Sling moves to the next round.  She will meet Bustus Balsoff tomorrow at 9 A.M.  She told Channel 1 News, "That Russian has got the kind of face that makes me want to slap the (expletive) out of it!"  It should be a good contest and  Channel 1 News will be there.

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