Saturday, October 6, 2012


Mitt and Paul at their Halloween
 coming out party.
In the biggest political news of the year, the Republican party candidates for the Presidency have switched political parties just weeks before the election and have joined the Halloween Party!
"I've always been mistaken for Herman Munster and now with little I mean Paul here, I'm gonna live the dream!" he told Channel 1 News.  "If elected, I really am going to bring change to Washington."
Channel 1 News was there at the coming out party when the two politicians, dressed as Herman and Eddie Munster stood up and yelled "Boo!" to an unsuspecting crowd of reporters. Romney took the stage and began telling reporters and pundits alike how the idea to switch parties came about.  "It started when I mean Paul here, scared the hell out of seniors with our new budget plan and the reworking of Medicare  and Social Security.  Some of those old geezers were so scared they got up and walked out of the room.  We had a huge laugh about that in the I mean campaign bus as we rode around town thinking up more ways to scare people." 
You could tell Congressman Ryan was somewhat embarrassed sitting on Romney's knee, but he sat there and played with a pumpkin shaped calculator as Governor Romney outlined their new vision.  "I've been taking a class on being middle class and I'm beginning to understand those 47% non tax payers,"  he said with a sober looking face.  "I've come to understand the importance of Halloween too.  I'm learning what tricks will bring me the biggest treats!"  He let out a roar of laughter that almost caused Congressman Ryan to fall off his knee.
If Romney and Ryan get elected, it will mark the first time that candidates from the Halloween party  advance that far. Casper the ghost came close in 1956, but voters saw right through him and his policies and he failed to get elected.  Channel 1 News will follow these candidates in their bid to the White House or as Governor Romney called it, the Haunted House.

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