Friday, October 19, 2012


Omyya Sleezar says he's
looking out for his female
dance employees
Sleezars Gentlemen Club of Bridge Park has vowed to work for women's rights after witnessing the Presidential Debate last Tuesday night.  Club owner Omyya Sleezar told Channel 1 News he wants to follow in Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's footsteps and has committed to letting his female employees off by 5 P.M. each day so they can get home and cook dinner for their kids.  "All my dancers deserve to be home cooking over the dinner hour," he said smiling.  "Their kids deserve a hot meal from their hot moms!  That Mitt guy made it clear to me, I owe these ladies and so I'm making a commitment to every sweetheart in my binder full of them, to let them off over the dinner hour."  When asked about his customers he replied, " I'll show some video porn clips and offer free pretzels with all domestic beer sales until the dancers get back at 8 P.M.
Channel 1 News asked to interview some of the dancers but was told that due to contractual issues, that couldn't be allowed at this time.  Channel 1 News will continue to follow up on this story.

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