Thursday, October 4, 2012


Johnny Kirk, descendant of James T. Kirk
of Star Trek fame was in town to promote
his book, "Space, It's Out There"
In startling news just revealed by the Mayor’s office, Bridge Park has been declared the most likely place a UFO will land in 2013.  Johnny Kirk 57, a self proclaimed descendant of James T. Kirk of Star Trek fame was in town over the weekend to promote his new book “Space, It’s Out There” and had lunch with city officials.  Kirk told those who would listen about a dream he had where alien ships landed near Bridge Park.
Al the Alien as seen in Kirk's book.
Channel 1 News talked to Kirk after the lunch about his dreams and learned he has been bothered by these dreams before and always woke up before learning the true landing site.  Then after seeing a story about Bridge Park on Facebook, something clicked in his mind and the landing site near Bridge Park came into view.  When asked if we should fear this landing and close encounter with these extra terrestrials Kirk replied, "Oh hell no. They are the same ones that abducted me when I was a kid and they're pretty friendly."  Kirk also revealed a picture of one of the Aliens in his book, which we are showing here for the first time. "The leader is named Al," he added.
Friendly or not, Bridge Park Mayor Ben Dover has declared 2013 "scary" and put the police force on high alert! "Keep your eyes on the skies!" is the new slogan for 2013.  Channel 1 News has set up a watch tower and will man it 24/7 beginning January 1, 2013.

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