Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 In a unanimous vote including that of  Mayor Ben Dover, the city council decided to lift the ban on Black Friday retroactive to last year.  The vote was taken Monday evening after a heated debate in council chambers.  City merchants have been furious ever since the city of Bridge Port banned the after Thanksgiving event, causing them to lose serious revenue from lost sales. Men's Under ware store owner Titus Fitt  told Channel 1 News, "It's about time they lifted this ban.  I'm not sure if making it retroactive to last year will help, but we'll see."

This picture was taken in 2011 as the ban
on Black Friday was put into place in Bridge Port.

The ban on Black Friday was enacted in 2011 and put into place after  city councilman Pat McGroin convinced other council members it was wrong to have a special shopping day for Black citizens only, especially the day after Thanksgiving.  He thought it would raise racial tensions in our fair city.  The council voted unanimously to ban Black Friday immediately, much to the dismay of local businesses who lost an estimated 14 million dollars last year on the one day alone.   Mayor Ben Dover, who did not have a say in the vote, recalls getting death threats and lewd tweets while on a sailing vacation in Mexico.  "I couldn't believe what was happening back home," he told Channel 1 News.  "I was sailing with a lady friend and her twin sister when I got a tweet telling me of the ban. I knew there would be some unhappy folks back home and I'd get my house egged again."
Upon returning to Bridge Port, Mayor Dover called a special closed door meeting with the local Chamber of Commerce and the council, where the council members responsible for the ban learned what Black Friday really meant and immediately expressed remorse for their actions.  Motions to overturn the ban were tabled until this week. 
Mayor Ben Dover and lady friends were sailing
in Mexico when he heard of the Black Friday Ban.
In the mean time local merchants are gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year and all is well in the city of Bridge Port.

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