Saturday, November 17, 2012


Now that propositions for the legalization of marijuana have passed in the states of Washington and Colorado, Bridge Port Mayor Ben Dover hopes to lead a delegation to both states on a fact finding mission by years end. 

Mayor Ben Dover on election
night.  "We must listen to the
will of the people and I'm all ears."
In the wake of the historic vote on this issue Mayor Dover has called for an impromptu city council meeting on Saturday evening at Lou's Liquor Lounge downtown. The meeting will start during happy hour and the public is invited.  It was noted that normally city council meetings are held at city hall, but due to plumbing issues the meeting place is being moved to Lou's.  "There's a foul odor in the council chambers." Mayor Dover said.
Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor talked with the mayor via Skype just before noon and asked Mayor Dover about what he expected to learn by going on a city sponsored trip to Colorado and Washington.

 B.D. "We must listen to the will of the people and I'm all ears."
D.T. "Can you explain that?"
B.D. Well with the legalization of this natural herb in two states, it's high time we see what all the giddiness is about.
D.T. So you want to take a delegation on a road trip?
B.D. Yes Dave, this issue has been in a haze for too long.  By traveling to Colorado and Washington we can get some experience and perhaps tour a brownie factory.
D.T. How will this benefit Bridge Port?
B.D. I'm glad you asked that question Dave. Let me research that.
The mayor went on to explain that he hopes to have Bridge Port in position to be "wide open" as he put it, when the laws are changed here.
Channel 1 News will cover the special council meeting tonight and share any new facts in a later story.

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