Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Bridge Park officials and citizens were shocked to learn this morning that the election results for Bridge Park Mayor from yesterday's election were somehow destroyed by a computer error.  In this hard fought and sometime ugly race, when told of the glitch both candidates pointed fingers at each other's campaign bus and vowed to get to the truth.
Just after the polls closed last night, the results from around the city were fed into the master computer for compilation.  City Clerk R.U. Fareel told Channel 1 News he entered the ballot totals and hit what he thought was the "complete" key.  He soon realized he had misread the key and he had hit the "delete" key losing all the voting result information.  When he realized what he had done, he locked himself in a closet until six this morning, when he came he came out of the closet and told the truth.
Incumbent Mayor Ben Dover and first time challenger Peter Leeks each spent last night at their campaign headquarters awaiting the outcome of their fiercely fought contest.  Mayor Dover's campaign headquarters at the downtown Belly Up Bar drew a crowd of his closest supporters, many who stayed up all night with the Mayor listening to his promises of better days ahead.  When the results had not been released by 4 A.M. many supporters stumbled into the streets in protest.
Jamin Bong, foreground, shouts out in
displeasure just after 4 a.m. "Hey man
I got to work in the morning! Tell us
who won F-in this thing!"
Challenger Peter Leeks was surrounded by his supporters at his campaign headquarters in the lobby of  Sneakers Motor Hotel.
"I'm excited," he told Channel 1 News.  "I've had some great times at this hotel and I'm feeling lucky again tonight.  I'm gonna win this thing and get Bridge Park back on track."

This is the first time in Bridge Park history that a computer was used to help tally votes and it was learned, perhaps too late that City Clerk Fareel was not computer literate.  Channel 1 News will keep tabs on what will happen next.

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