Saturday, November 24, 2012


Dee Dee Dumm went to
China for the bargains
A Bridge Port woman went to great lengths to be the first person to get the very best Black Friday bargains.  Dee Dee Dumm 43, told Channel 1 News the idea came to her in a dream on Halloween night.  She spoke with Dave Taylor about her winning strategy.  "I wanted to be the first in line at Walmart when they opened Thanksgiving night, but wasn't sure how I could do it for sure," she said. "Then it all came to me in a dream, most everything in the stores comes from China and they are a day ahead of us, so why not go to China and buy up the bargains right then and there! It will be Thanksgiving night there before it is here and no lines!!  I was ecstatic!"

She told her husband Rum, of her dream and plan to go to China and he agreed to stay home and feed their gold fish. "She promised to pick me up a new flat screen TV!" he quipped.  So last Wednesday she called in to work sick and went to the airport where she boarded a 14 hour flight to Shanghai, China.  She arrived there on Thursday afternoon and couldn't wait to order some real Chinese food at one of the airport food stands.  After a meal of Sweet Red Bean Pancakes and Chinese pork sausages, she took a taxi to the nearest Walmart.  "I couldn't believe my eyes!" she exclaimed.  I was the tallest woman in the store and could see bargains everywhere!"  She went on a two hour shopping spree without having to fight others for the bargains.  Her only regret was not being able to understand what the store Santa Claus was yelling at her, but on the up side, the store clerks were very helpful by helping  her carry her TV to the taxi.

Friendly store clerks help with the TV
Ms. Dumm bought for her husband.
Ms. Dumm returned home exhausted but happy.  She had "beaten" the system and not had to stand in any lines or fight others for the really big deals.  Next year she hopes to do it again.

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