Tuesday, December 18, 2012


City attorney Buck Passer as he studied
the lighting contract for this year's
Christmas lights. "It's all Chinese to me!"
Good news for Christmas light lovers!  Bridgeport has settled a legal dispute with the Hong Kong Lights & More company of Hong Kong, China just in time for the Christmas season.  The colorful lights strung up all over the city since Thanksgiving have been left dark due to a clause in the contract with the company.  The contract clause in question was printed in Chinese and unreadable by city attorney Buck Passer, who flew to China to meet with Hong Kong company officials for clarification. 
This years Christmas light display contract was awarded to Hong Kong Lights and More after the city council decided that more was better.  The other bidder was Kansas City Lights who came in with the lowest bid but council members felt they would get less because their name did not include the word more.  It was only after the contract was signed with Hong Kong Lights & More that city attorney Buck Passer discovered the tiny clause in the contract that had not been translated into English.  Fearing getting sued, Bridgport officials kept the lights off until a translation could be made.  This has dragged on much to the dismay of Bridgeport citizens.  On Sunday night Passer flew to China and was able to get the clause translated.  When translated, it turned out to only be a phrase which read, "Colored lights made in Hong Kong". 
Mayor Ben Dover promised to have the lights throughout the city turned on by this weekend and in the interim invited the Christmas light starved public to drive by his home on Lax Street.  His lights have been on since the week before Thanksgiving.
Mayor Ben Dover's home, lit up for
all to see.
Channel 1 News will hopefully have a photographer on hand when the city lights are lighted this weekend.

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