Friday, December 28, 2012


A man who memorized the complete dictionary was still unable to come up with the right words to impress and win the hand of his sweetheart.  Wiley Wordsworth 45, of Bridgeport spent two years memorizing Webster's unabridged dictionary and was able to define and spell words at the drop of a hat, found himself unable to convince his true love to marry him.  Wordsworth spent ten hours each day memorizing words, their meaning, and correct spelling while his girlfriend, Beatrice Goode tended bar and danced at a men's club.
Wiley Wordsworth is a man with
 a new plan.
Wordsworth is being treated for depression at a local hospital after his marriage proposal was turned down by Goode.  "I chose my words so carefully," he told Channel 1 News, "yet she had a lackadaisical look on her face."  After telling Wordsworth no, Goode ran off with the piano player from the club where she worked prompting Wordsworth to tell Dave Taylor of Channel 1 News,  "I should have studied music."
Beatrice Goode
Wordsworth now spends his days working crossword puzzles and taking kazoo lessons.  "I've got a song in my heart and a plan."  As for his former sweetheart, Ms. Goode has moved on with her life and is enjoying a career as an escort.  Channel 1 News hopes to interview Ms. Goode for a future story.

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