Thursday, December 6, 2012


Bridge Port Meteorologist Hyian Drye
and his secretary Desire, hamming
it up at last year's city Christmas party.
Much to the dismay of hundreds of Bridge Port children and adults, the city snowman making contest has been scrubbed for the second time this month due to lack of snow and cold.  Bridge Port meteorologist Hyian Drye told Channel 1 News, usually Bridge Port is under a foot of snow this time of the year with snowmen visible in yards all over town.  "Right now I'm the most hated man in town." he told  Dave Taylor as they toured the city in an unmarked car.  "My house was egged just last night and for safety, I've sent my wife out of town while I stay on the job here with my secretary and staff."

This picture captures the failed attempt at making a
snowman in last week's scheduled contest.
Bridge Port has been holding a snowman contest each December dating back to the early 1930s.  There was even a referendum in 1956 to change the name of our city to "Frosty", in honor of Frosty the Snowman.  It failed when opposition pointed out that there was also a root beer brand called Frosty.  This year the contest had brought in contestants from all over the state in hopes of taking home the $100 prize and getting a free pass to the ice skating rink.  Mayor Ben Dover comforted the crowd telling them that the contest would still take place as soon as significant snow fell.  Channel 1 News will keep in contact with weatherman Hyian Drye and keep you posted.

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