Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Pope Benedict sent Dave
Taylor a text message.
 Bridge Port city officials learned early this morning that Bridge Port is one of three cities retiring Pope Benedict has his eye on to live the rest of his life in.  Just after midnight Channel 1 News's Dave Taylor received the text message below from the Pope.

"Hey Dave it is me pope Benedict and I might take you up on you offer to share you place.  I will be done Poping here tomorrow!  I really like Bridge Port, but I must look at Barcelona and Sydney too." 

Taylor quickly sent Benedict a text back telling the aging pontiff he was putting clean sheets on the bed in the guest room and was stocking up on the Pope's favorite frozen pizza.  Taylor also revealed a plan that he and Pope Benedict hatched late last year, to hitchhike out to Las Vegas and back.  The Pope expressed a deep yearning to "hit the road thumbing" once he got to America Taylor said.

Taylor and Pope Benedict became close friends two years ago when Taylor was in the Vatican doing a story on Holy snack foods being produced by the Sisters of the Kitchen.  Taylor ran into the Pope late one evening after lights out as the Pope was raiding the refrigerator.  They sat down together at the table and ate holy left over pizza and did shots of Old Crow.  Taylor said they formed a bond and to this day the Pope likens him as the son he never had.  Even though Benedict asked Taylor to call him Dad in private, Taylor has refused, saying it made him feel awkward.

As for Bridge Port becoming the new home of the ex Pope, Mayor Ben Dover told Channel 1 News, it would be a boon to the city.  "People would come from all over to see where the Pope lives.  I'm excited about the extra revenue this would bring in!"

Channel 1 News will keep you up to date as this story unfolds.

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