Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Bridgeport Street and
Maintenance Manager
Elmo Dicks
With the first day of Spring finally upon us, city officials are busy getting ready for the long Spring/Summer season ahead of us.  All the city snow plows are being called in and off the roads so city workers can start getting them ready for storage.  City Street and Maintenance Manager Elmo Dicks told Channel 1 News, "Just getting those trucks off the streets will save us a ton of money."  When asked if this action might be premature due to the snow still covering the ground, he responded, " This is strictly a money saving move, but if we get another snow storm after the trucks are up on blocks, we'll just have to hire a private contractor to get the streets cleared."
When asked about private contractors Dicks added,   "Mayor Dover has a cousin in the snow removal business and promises to give the city a deal if he's needed."
Spring is also a time for flowers and Mayor Ben Dover is planning a business trip to Amsterdam in the coming weeks to look at tulips.  He hopes to bring some ideas back and make Bridgeport the tulip capital of America.  Accompanying him will be his senior administrative assistant, Lucy Love who according to Mayor Dover has an eye for tulips.
Mayor Dover's two Administrative
Assistants, Lucy Love and Wanda
Will.  Love will accompany the Mayor
to Amsterdam.
This will be the Mayor's forth trip to Amsterdam during his administration, his first traveling in Business Class.  "I want my constituents to know that this trip is strictly business. My critics would have you think otherwise, but Ms. Love has retired from the adult film industry and is now a hands-on city servant, the same as I am."  The Mayor's other Administrative Assistant Wanda Will, accompanied him on his last trip and returned home as she put it, fully energized!  Channel 1 News plans to cover the coming trip and report from the tulip fields.

Finally, the Easter parade, planned for March 30th is looking for an Easter Bunny actor to ride in the last float.  Anyone interested should contact the parade committee before next Wednesday.  Candidates should have a general knowledge of colored eggs and have their own costume. 
Channel 1 News will have updates on these stories as they become available.

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